Why is vernacular content important for local brands?

Today, digital marketing is no doubt gaining popularity and is the sought after medium of production and presentation.  But what we do not know is the high potential which vernacular content holds in leveraging digital marketing campaigns, especially for local brands. With over 234 million native Indian speakers on the internet (Source: Business World), the power of this potential market cannot be underestimated.

The aim of every digital marketing campaign is to either spread awareness about the brand or drive direct conversions. For either of the two objectives, it is of utmost importance to reach maximum people.  And the use of vernacular content has rightly proved to attract mass audience in the past few years. Leading content generation platforms have already started focussing on regional languages such as Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, etc. and it has shown whopping results in terms of content consumption. For example, in case of video consumption across platforms there is a rise to 90% in local languages. (Source: Business World)

What exactly is vernacular content?

A form of promotional content used by brands and businesses that is specifically created in regional languages to target the non-English speaking audience. With the increasing numbers of non-English speaking audience on the Internet, vernacular content is widely spreading out into the realms of digital ads, payment platforms, e-commerce sites, etc. and thus it is imperative that digital marketing campaigns too are designed in such a way keeping the vernacular content consumers in mind.

Why is vernacular content an important tool for local brands?

Local brands are the pillars of authenticity and vernacularism in terms of bringing out the nuances of Indian traditions and cultures. According to a research, the vernacular content user base in India is estimated to grow to over 540 million by 2021, which would comprise 75% of Internet users at the time. (Source: Economic Times) Thus, making it is a huge opportunity for local brands to leverage their indigenous market by attracting this untapped user base.

Hence, we bring to you 5 important reasons which make vernacular content a great marketing tool for local brands:

  1. Targets regional nuances and hearts

The mass audience tend to feel more connected to the digital content especially when it’s constructed in their own language. A sense of trust is developed towards the brand and hence a ‘niche target’ of loyal audience is created. Also, tapping on the regional nuances of that particular ‘niche target’ is a great way to interact and understand the needs of the consumers.

  1. Drives targeted ROI

60% of Indian Internet viewers view vernacular content and are more likely to be influenced by it.  Targeting this user-base particularly to promote products based on their needs and most importantly reaching out through their regional languages or mediums have better chances to generate greater ROI in a campaign.

  1. Promotes greater ‘search’ appearances

A promotional or awareness driven content provided in the vernacular medium is more likely to appear in the search appearances of regional user. This would promote the quotient of ‘search engine optimization’ for the brand’s content as well as draw traction and traffic to their multi-lingual website and content.

  1. Customizes communication

The most important nuance of any campaign is to have customized communication with their targeted audience. This provides them a better understanding about the campaign and hence has a greater possibility of driving sales. And the use of vernacular content is just the right way to promote an engaging and profitable conversation as well as conversion for the brand.

  1. Harnesses the power of vernacular digital creators

Vernacular digital creators are drastically gaining a relevant position in spreading awareness among the mass regional audience. They tend to have better understanding and trust with their follower base. Understanding this power and collaborating with these vernacular creators can greatly empower the brands to have a loyal audience for them too.

Hence, vernacular content creation can rightly be called the ‘mantra’ to digital marketing for local brands since it’s the key to attract the untapped user base of the country. Vocalising vernacular would greatly authenticate and establish your presence as a true local Indian brand in the hearts of the masses and induce buyers to be more vocal for their local, regional brands. Local brands are our strength to realise an Atmanirbhar Bharat. And we believe what lies in empowering them is the ultimate vernacularisation of #DigitalIndia. To know more about vernacular content creation or vernacular platforms, drop us a line at connect@zura.club or check us out on www.zura.club

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