Maximise your reach with the RIGHT Micro-influencers

Maximise your reach with the RIGHT Micro-Influencers

Until late 2015, influencer marketing was just a concept. Brands would typically hire a celebrity to endorse their products/services. 2016, however, saw a boost in influencer marketing when brands started to engage their audiences using some online gurus or macro-influencers. By the end of 2017, influencer marketing included the right mix of mega and micro-influencers. The shift from celebrities to local/micro-influencers was gradual initially but has picked up tremendously in the past 2 years, primarily due to social media platforms making content creation and distribution much easier. In addition, we are also seeing a surge in influencers in Tier 2 and 3 cities with internet penetration enabling local brands to target customers more effectively using local marketing channels.

The reason for this paradigm shift to influencer marketing is obvious, the impact is higher when everyday people start to celebrate and show their love for brands.

The debate, however, continues whether to have celebrities, mega or micro-influencers in your marketing mix. The social changes brought about by the recent pandemic indicates that micro-influencers are highly efficient in terms of relevance, reach and resonance. The current vocal for local wave makes micro-influencers a must-have for your marketing mix.

  1. Trust, authority and great connections. Micro-influencers are credible sources for the target audience in each demographic. They have gained the trust of their audience with their relatable content. Their word of mouth does have a value in the market that can help create a buzz around your brand.
  2. On-point engagement. Micro-influencers are remarkably close to their audience/followers. They interact with their audience regularly and respond to their comments at a regular interval. Their size of the audience might seem small but their strong connection with the audience results in better engagement and reach.
  3. Great local connections. Micro-influencers have great local connections, they might just be able to help you reach a local business associate to up your promotional game in the local market.
  4. Local SEO becomes stronger. Micro bloggers are especially useful in improving local SEO. As they initiate a conversation around your brand on social media and through natural links, your authority on local ranking on Google improves.
  5. The audience feels belonged. All of us have the social and psychological need for belonging. We tend to be part of groups to feel connected and enjoy the company of likeminded people. Access to privileged information as a part of a group gives us a feeling of satisfaction and supremacy at times. Micro bloggers engage the audience by sharing experiences and listening to their stories as well. This makes the audience more connected to them, which ensures higher chances of conversion on messages delivered by them.
  6. Knowledge of native language and culture. It is a proven fact that a message registers faster when it is shared in the receiver’s language. Micro-influencers are well-versed with the local language and customs, which helps them plugging the brand effortlessly into their content in a way that will reach and affect their audience.
  7. Their audience is their friends. Micro-influencers have a very close-knit relationship with their followers. It is more like a healthy online friendship. According to a report by Neilsen 92% of people trust their peers as against 18% who trust celebrities and mega influencers/bloggers. People perceive that mega influencers and celebrities have an agenda or are paid to give positive reviews. Micro influencers, on the other hand, have a more personal relationship with the audience, there is a chance of meeting offline in this case which makes the relationship even stronger.
  8. Closer to the action. Microinfluencers are more aware of the surroundings and the events. They are in a better position to gauge the expectations of the audience in terms of what will excite, annoy, or worry their audiences. They can share local references, get colloquial and share inside jokes that are unique to their geographic location to engage their audience. Club this with your brand subtly and increase your chances of virality with local influencers.
  9. Reduces cost and effort of creating marketing communication. Since the micro-influencers are more involved with their audiences and speak the language that their audience understands, the brand just needs to share the marketing goal and the message. Influencers use their creativity and skills to work magic and deliver the brand’s message in a manner that resonates with audience.

The rise in influencer marketing has made it easier to reach masses in the language that they understand. However, simply involving a micro-influencer will not lead you to success. It requires a concrete strategy that supports your business targets. The strategy will ensure that you choose the right influencers with the right set of audience for maximum reach. A good strategy will also be the one that creates a win-win opportunity for both brand and the influencers.

At Zura, we are constantly researching and bringing onboard the best influencers. We use 10 variables to match influencers with the brand’s goals and help in marketing the brand for maximum reach and conversions. We focus on the brand story and amplify with the right influencers. To know more, visit our website and drop a message.

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