#LocalSoch – A Zura initiative to support self-reliant India

Have you ever come across a brand and surprisingly discovered that it is of Indian origin? Or have you recently shifted to a home-grown brand and understood that it is no less than its non-Indian competitors?

 We have all been hearing a lot about being vocal for the local and supporting local brands. But why is it necessary to do so? With the pandemic still hovering upon, impacting businesses and creating havoc for the economy,  it is of supreme importance to be aware of the power of our indigenous market and uphold the ultimate pillar of self-reliancy or Atmanirbharta.

Since Zura’s establishment, our prime principle has been to assist the local brands get in front of their audience and make the Indian Dream a reality. Our focus has been to support Indian SME/ early-stage brands, whose products are made with love and authenticity for the Indian hearts.

Hence with this desire to continue to support Make in India and economic need to help sustain and flourish Desi brands, we have launched an initiative  called #LocalSoch.

What is #LocalSoch?

#LocalSoch is an initiative by Zura to support local, home-grown brands strive in the indigenous market. These local brands are Made in India to fulfil the needs of the Indian and global consumers. As a part of this initiative we are inviting brands to leverage the power of influencer marketing and collaborate with micro- to mega- influencers at no charge to skyrocket their brand awareness and sales.

Our only ask is that the brand tell us their unique heartfelt stories and be willing to donate 5% of sales generated through this campaign for COVID relief. We will shortlist the ten best stories of Indian homegrown businesses basis three criteria

  1. Made in India
  2. Brand story
  3. Founder journey.

Why is #LocalSoch important?

  1. To start with, read our fantastic blog we wrote in May highlighting four reasons why vocal for local is a step towards brighter future
    • A more robust economy
    • Less vulnerability to global disruptions
    • Building Global Brands
    • Better for the environment
  2. The pandemic has effected the economy at large but many small brands and enterprises suffered terribly. Hence, they need just the right push to be back on track and flourish.
  3. Zura has always put utmost importance for its CSR activities and #LocalSoch is a perfect initiative for brands to help make their presence stronger.

Why is Zura initiating #LocalSoch?

  1. Since day 1, we have been closely working with brands that are purely ‘Made in India’ and can proudly vouch for their quality and authenticity. We have run campaigns for brands like Estele, Tisser and Bagish that are Made in India and support local artisans.
  2. Our ultimate motive in these times is to play our part in supporting brands which were adversely affected in more than one ways due to the COVID lockdown.
  3. Through this initiative, we plan to give these brands the right platform to market their products and reach out to the mass audience.
  4. Most importantly, with #LocalSoch we look forward to riding on the ‘Vocal for Local’ wave and create a better, more profitable marketing space for our Desi brands.
  5. Also, we pledge to donate 5% of sales the brands generate through this initiative to COVID relief fund, to do our bit towards the society.

We strongly believe that the future to an Aatmanirbhar nation lies in the hands of local businesses, entrepreneurs and every individual who can contribute towards making it a reality by simply opting for a #LocalSoch. ‘Let’s grow together’ is our ultimate motto and we swear by it. If you think you have the #LocalSoch in you and would like to know more about our initiative, feel free to drop us a line at connect@zura.club or check us out on http://www.zura.club/localsoch for more information.

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