Five unique ways e-commerce brands can leverage influencer marketing

Today, the global pandemic has glued everyone to their gadgets like never before. Taking advantage of this, brands can now venture into e-commerce and establish themselves with an online presence. In doing so, a very positive protocol would be to leverage ‘Influencer Marketing’. In such testing times, “sharing is caring” becomes literal and the symbiotic relationship between brands and the influencers created, will harness extremely profound results. Let’s sweep through five unique ways e-commerce brands can support, endorse and co-create content with influencers:

  1. Pursue influencers who will treat your brand like their own.

Tap influencers who are not only well established but are relevant to your needs so as to maximise efficiency and communication. The influencer has to be in tune with your audience landscape to be able to co-create good quality content.

Would you enjoy ‘Behensplaining’, the weekly show on Netflix’s Youtube Channel if Kusha Kapila and Srishti Dixit did not give their creative touch to something as monotonous as reviewing a film? 

  1. Bid adieu to conventional endorsements.

We all mentally yawn at the prospect of ads. As audiences, we are inclined to videos, tutorials, step-by-step demonstrations and even comical takes on the subject. Relatable video content is the most watched content. Siddharth Batra, a digital creator exclusively makes videos about men’s grooming/beauty, where he is normalising the fact that men too can have a beauty regime. He incorporates all his ideas into videos extremely uniquely where he does tutorials, how to dress in certain situations etc

  1. Podcasts, webinars, zoom calls getting everyone onboard.

E-commerce brands have to try hard to be ‘out-there’ in terms of content because the content is the ‘value proposition’ for their brands. An effective way to increase viewership for the brand online would be to inculcate strategies such as zoom calls where multiple influencers discuss a product, podcasts regarding the brand, maybe the influencers personal take on how to leverage attention from the masses. 

Fashion bloggers can set up a live session on Instagram discussing the various ways the WFH generation can style themselves for the meetings conducted online, to reinforce positivity around how ‘style shouldn’t go out of style even in a pandemic’. 

  1. Befriend the audience.

In order to make the customers feel valued and wanted, the brand must reciprocate in unique ways. While giveaways, discounts, referral codes serve the purpose, a great way would be to get some esteemed customers of the brands to collaborate with the influencers, even more so if they want to embark on an influencer journey of their own. Through competitions, quizzes, best performance in tasks assigned, the candidates can win a chance to feature in content with the influencers. ‘Influencers influencing fellow influencers’ is a win/win!

  1. Micro influencers in the long haul.

Micro influencers go huge as they have a committed audience who follow  everything the influencer does and this is bound to enhance brand recognition. An influencer with diverse content will have many followers too with diverse interests. But micro influencers already engage their followers in something specific , so the followers will undeniably be inclined towards the brand which the micro influencer will endorse. 

If travel micro influencers like ‘footloosedev on Instagram collaborate with a relatively new travel brand looking for marketing, the brand can easily gain attention from the travel blogger’s followers.That’s how capable micro influencers are.

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