Effective multi-tasking is a skill that comes with great determination, time management, and patience. Our next creator is and an award-winning You-tuber who runs a successful Indian Food channel (Healthy Kadai) along with being a mother of two. Meet Richa Gupta, a food blogger whose journey started with a video shot by her husband just for fun and now has a following of 100k+ subscribers on Youtube. In an exclusive interview with Zura, she gave us an inspiring view of her daily life as a food blogger.

When did you think of becoming a food blogger and what motivated you to get started?

I started blogging in 2014 and my only inspiration was my mum-in-law. I have not inherited this interest in food and cooking but developed it over a period of time only because of my mum-in-law who is my creative chef inspiration.

How do you start your day? Any particular activity that you swore by daily?

With work from home hubby, my 8 yr old son’s online classes, a 10-month-old baby, managing household chores with my in-laws and of course my videos, things are pretty hectic for sure.

My typical day starts with a light walk and exercise on my terrace, followed by daily kitchen chores which continues throughout the day, getting my son ready for his online classes, sitting with him for his assignments, the little one demands more time than anyone. And then sliding my work in between all these tasks, shooting videos, conceptualizing recipe ideas, answering emails and the list goes on and on.

In addition to all these tasks, I also shoot my son’s video for his Youtube channel too; check it out – Sparsh Hacks (Which has now become bigger than Healthy Kadai)

Where do you get your recipe ideas from? 

There is no one particular source of my recipe ideas. All my recipes revolve around the basic concept of my channel, which is to cook everyday meals healthily with small changes in the ingredients or way of cooking. This is the core of each and every recipe. Apart from this, my recipes are based on:

  • Seasonality, mango recipes or drinks in summers
  • The festive season which means more dessert recipes, if it’s Christmas so more baked goods;
  • Appliance based cooking explaining how appliances can be used more effectively and can even help in healthy cooking. A perfect example here is all my oil-free recipes using air fryer (you can check out the more than 100 air fryer recipes at https://goo.gl/mKB38G )
  • We have also started to focus on recipes based on home remedies to help cure certain diseases like Zeera water for weight loss, home remedies for diabetes, etc.

What, according to you, are the 3 most important things creators should keep in mind while creating content?

As per me Quality, consistency, and patience are the 3 most important things to keep in mind.

Quality of the content is crucial as people want to see and enjoy good quality content which is pleasing and at the same time informative.

Consistency – as one has to be consistent in sharing the videos with the audience.

Patience is also very important as content takes time to gain traction and views.

Can you give us a glimpse of your work-flow? What really goes behind from creating a recipe to actually bringing it on your YouTube channel?

Ans. Each recipe is the result of a thoughtful chain of processes. My workflow is as follows:

  1. Researching for the recipe,
  2. Preparing the first draft of the recipe
  3. Trying the recipe until I am satisfied with the outcome. Sometimes I have to do

2-3 trials as well, for instance in case of cookies, cakes, etc.

  1. Finalizing the recipe based on the trials,
  2. Final video shooting
  3. Video editing
  4. Post-editing,
  5. Uploading the video on Youtube & optimizing its title, description, and keywords. Then after it goes live, sharing it on various social media handles.

If you were to give an advice to someone who is wondering to venture into the world of food blogging, what would it be?

My advice would be to just go for it. If you’re a foodie or have a love for cooking then start with whatever resources you have in your hand – Started shooting for my channel with a basic smartphone! Starting – is the MOST IMPORTANT step!

After you have started, be consistent and have patience. Work on your content with full dedication and passion. People will eventually admire your work – if you are good.  And don’t really worry about the number of views or subscribers, both will come eventually.


Your favorite pass-time: Playing with my sons (Elder one is 10 yr old, younger one is 10 months old)

Any chef/food blogger who inspires you: I love Deeba Rajpal’s “ Passionate about Baking” I simply love her photography skills

A recent trend that caught your attention: Dalgona Coffee

Your favourite food: Chinese food

If you were to use one app for the rest of your life, it would be: YouTube

If not a food blogger, what else do you think you would’ve become: I would have continued working in garment exports as I am basically a textiles person

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