A content creator on any digital platform not just has the job of ideating, creating and showcasing their authentic and creative concepts but also plays a bigger role of educating or making their audience aware of current happenings around the world. With social media users rising substantially daily, this becomes a note-worthy point and our next creator in the interview series believes just that.

Meet Yuvraj Dua (@tohzindahotum). He is a comedy-content creator, huge cricket enthusiast and a firm believer of ‘entertaining yet educating’ through his videos. In an exclusive interview with Zura, Yuvraj tells why it is important for social media creators to be vocal about current issues through their content and also gives us an insight into his daily life as a content creator.

When did you think of becoming a digital creator and what motivated you to get started?

“After completing the final year at college, somewhere I had this thing in the back of my mind that I want to create videos online. I wanted to make funny content yet it should be relatable based on the ongoings and also educative. Also, I really wanted to make people laugh, make them smile a little more, so that was my ultimate motivation. But I couldn’t really engage much into this because of my work and other commitments. So when the lockdown happened, I got the opportunity and had all the time in the world to actively start creating again and thought why not! Incredibly I got a good response and reach and now I make videos on a daily basis.”

How do you start your day? Any particular activity that you swore by daily?

“One particular thing that I swore by daily is being aware of what’s happening around the world. It vastly helps me to create content which is good and relatable. Apart from that I make sure I work out every day.”

What, according to you, are the 3 most important things creators should keep in mind while creating content?

“1. What matters most is the quality of the content which you post. Yes, one must be consistent too but not forsaking the quality, which I feel most creators at times go wrong. 2. Any creator or influencer has a big responsibility to educate or give authentic and positive information to their followers. Because that’s what our job is- to influence in the right manner; so this is another thing to be kept in mind. 3. Lastly, be, create and express who you really are.”

Can you give us a glimpse of your work-flow? What really goes behind from creating an idea to actually bringing it on to your social media page?

“Mostly it happens that an idea strikes me when I am not really thinking about it or doing my regular mundane works. So when that happens I sit down and draft a rough script, later adding punch lines to it, re-editing, polishing, until I feel it’s good and striking enough. Then I plan out and shoot it, which really takes a lot of time and finally edit the video.  Sometimes I also like to take some of my close one’s feedback before I share on social media. That’s the entire behind the scenes before I post any content.”

Do you think interacting with your audience helps in improving content creation? How do you interact with your followers?

“I think it’s really essential to interact with your audience. It helps you retain them because they follow you for a reason. So it shouldn’t be a one-way interaction, rather a two-way connection. For us, creators, their feedback matters the most and ultimately reflects in the content. How I interact with my followers is pretty simple- I answer their comments and DMs regularly, encourage Q&A sessions (which are super fun!), put up reactive stories, polls, etc. It really helps me a lot while creating anything.”

Can you share with us anything about a local brand that you discovered in the recent months and really liked?

“Yes especially in these lockdown months local brands and businesses have been very helpful to us. One such service being Grofers, who were delivering groceries and essentials at our doorsteps. I really liked their service and also recommended people to opt it.”

If you were to give an advice to someone who is wondering to venture into the world of content creation, what would it be?

“First thing would be, if you are thinking to do it, then you definitely should because it’s never too late. And secondly I would say have your own USP, that unique factor which would make you stand out from the crowd and also take you forward. I believe these are the two most important values one must have if thinking to step into the world of content creation.”

R A P I D  F I R E  R O U N D

What’s your favourite pass-time?

Playing, watching or talking about cricket.

A recent trend that caught your attention

Has to be “Rasode me kaun tha?” and all its remakes by creators.

If you were to use one app for the rest of your life, it would be

Instagram, that’s what is giving you (social) life these days!

Your favourite movie genre is

Sci-fi and thriller. Recently loved watching Dark.

Any creator/ creators who inspire you the most?

Kusha Kapila and Dolly Singh are my favourites!

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