Creators are no doubt reining the digital marketing realm today with their excellent creative skills and authentic content presentations. But little do we know about the BTS or ‘behind the scene’ workforce or crew that incredibly aids to the whole magic of creators! Yes, for today’s episode of ‘A day in the life of a Content Creator’, we aimed to move a bit ‘out of notch’ yet have an exciting conversation with one of those special people who enable creators to work their way out. Meet Mahak Malik (@mahakmalik1.0). She is a fashion stylist, PR and a brand consultant all-in-one. She has worked with Delhi’s category-A creators in styling them and making them look stunning on their feeds. In an exclusive fun interview with Zura, Mahak speaks to us about the world of content creation and gives a sneak peek into her daily schedule as a stylist too!

When did you think of pursuing freelance styling and what motivated you to get started?

“I was in my 2nd year of graduation in College of Vocational Studies at DU and was pursuing a vocational course but wasn’t much happy with it. I always was very keen about fashion and wanted to be a part of the fashion industry. I would read, research about styling and fashion, speak to people who are in this field. So it’s then when I actually thought of dropping off from my college and getting into a fashion college. But my mother went all frenzy and she told me to at least complete the graduation. Luckily what happened is one of my friend was working with Anahita Shroff Adajania who is the fashion director of Vogue India and when I spoke to her (my friend), she kind of gave me a real picture of how legit and revolutionary the fashion industry is. This ignited me to dig even more and more on this area. So, after post graduation I happened to land up in a very good internship at Amazon Fashion Week and that’s how my whole journey started. As for what motivated me to choose styling over all the other aspects of the fashion industry is because I really like dressing up; but more than that I like to dress people up.”

How do you start your day? Any particular activity that you swore by daily?

“One particular activity that I do daily is to make a to-do list of the day, whether noting it down or mugging it up in my brain but I make sure I do it. And I really like to introspect a lot. So this gives me an edge over my work too.”

Where do you get your styling ideas from?

“When it comes to styling, fashion is ever-changing; there are these trends which come and go. And you also have to think from a futuristic perspective of the predicted upcoming trends. But what I believe is- fashion is also subjective. Something that might define and amplify my look and personality may not be the same for the other person. So, when consulted by my clients about how they should style themselves, whether they should go for that ‘bucket hat’ which Deepika or Katrina wore, then I highly advice them styling according to their own beautiful looks, personality, body type and desire. There must be no hard and fast rule to follow trends. Hence, what inspires me or gives me ideas is understanding the different needs of my clients, blending in the fashion quotient and bringing out the best lookbook tailor-made for them.”

What, according to you, are the 3 most important things one should keep in mind while creating content around styling and fashion?

“Okay, the three most important things to keep in mind while styling is- 1. Have your own signature style, one which defines your personality 2. Be experimental and original (people love OG stuff!) 3. Be precise of what vibe and story you want to portray to your audience.”

Can you give us a glimpse of your work flow? What really goes behind from creating an idea to actually executing it?

“I basically start with deciding the mood and requirements of any styling project. For example, if the theme is ‘blue’, I try to introspect how I can depict the theme in the best way while styling. Then I make mood-boards, speak to the photographer, finalise the location, and chip in with the designing team too. Once the shoot starts, the execution has to go hand-in-hand with the styling aspects. Then comes the post production work, which is not my department but that’s the final step before the picture gets posted. So, it does look very simple from the outside but is a very lengthy work. Also, sometimes there are budget constraints so you have to keep that in mind too while working.”

How do you organize or keep a tab on your mails, budget, collaborations, PRs, etc.?

“Well thanks to technology, I can manage and schedule my work very efficiently and also plan things much before time. In fact, since I am into PR as well so I manage other people too, their work flow, mails and collaborations. Sometimes when it comes to my styling projects, I do hire assistants for myself. So, majorly my work keeps pretty much organized.”

If you were to give an advice to someone who is wondering to venture into the world of content creation, what would it be?

My advice would be just understand who you are, what you want and how do you want to see yourself. You have to be very clear while stepping into this field. Because it won’t be wrong to say, content creation is turning to be one of the much liked mode of employment as well. And there is competition. At the end of the day, people will stick to your profile only if you give them something which is different and relatable. So understand yourself and what makes you unique and just hit the bull’s eye!

R A P I D  F I R E  R O U N D

What’s your favourite pass-time?

Instagram scrolling.

A recent trend that caught your attention

The outfit-switch trend.

If you were to use one app for the rest of your life, it would be

Instagram, it’s pretty cool!

Your favourite movie genre is

Psychological thrillers. They are the best!

One wardrobe essential you can’t live without

Classics (black).

Any styling icon/icons that inspire you

Has to be Priyanka Chopra and Beyonce!

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