5 of our favorite YouTube creators you need to subscribe to

YouTube is home to over 50 million creators. Being one of the oldest online platforms to provide a medium for showcasing talent, YouTube has motivated many to follow their passion and earn a living out of it as well. It gives birth to a pool of talented artists every year, out of which many manage to do exceptionally well in creating an impact on us. 

Here are some of our favorites you must check out:

  1. Yogasini

Radhika Bose aka Yogasini quit her job to pursue yoga professionally and has been practising it for over 10 years now. She’s not just a Yogini, but a fitness, travel, and lifestyle blogger as well. Her incredible yoga & fitness tutorials have inspired many to build a better lifestyle. This fitness addict even got featured on known publications including the Delhi Times, Mid Day, Exhibit, etc.

  1. Mansi Ugale

Mansi is a self-portrait photographer and a content creator. The level of creativity she displays through her craft is jaw-dropping. On her channel, she shares innovative yet minimalistic makeup, styling, and photography ideas. Her content is definitely fresh and eye-catching.

  1. My Happiness

Be it tips on beauty, fashion, cooking, parenting, or relationships, Komal does it all! She’s a happy-go-lucky mom blogger who runs a Youtube channel by the name of “My Happiness”. Her ultimate aim is to spread happiness through her videos, and she truly believes that all of life’s problems can be solved with positivity and healthy relationships.

  1. Healthy Kadai

Award-winning Youtuber, Richa Gupta runs an Indian food channel named “Healthy Kadai.” Her journey as a food blogger started when her husband, just out of fun, posted a video of her learning how to cook food. That video received a lot of traction from the audience leading Richa to work on her cooking skills & starting her own channel. Now shemakes the common, not so common & innovative recipes with a goal to motivate people to move towards a healthier lifestyle.

  1. Kritika Goel

Kritika or Kiki as her fans call her, is a travel and lifestyle YouTuber. She started blogging as a hobby to escape from the boredom of 9 to 5, but soon took a leap of faith and started making videos full-time. She believes in experimenting with her content and always aims to make her videos both fun and informative.

If you’re a budding creator looking for opportunities to showcase your talent, or if you’re a brand looking forward to tie-up with creators for enhancing your reach, we’re here to assist you. At Zura, we connect brands and influencers to create business opportunities. Feel free to drop us a line at connect@zura.club and check us out on www.zura.club for more information.

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